Celebrating the heritage and future of Clevedon Marine Lake. Marlens is a local charity determined to ensure that this seafront jewel is kept in service and used for the benefit of the community in Clevedon and North Somerset. We  are working hard to provide a first class leisure facility for people to enjoy, and we ask everyone who enjoys the lake to help us keep it that way. The lake is for people of all ages who enjoy being in or on the water so for health reasons we would ask dogs to keep their owners away from the lower promenade and the children's paddling area.

Lake Closure 16-29 January

We ned to drain the lake from 10am on Monday morning 16 Jan and it will remain empty until the next overtopping tide, expected on Sunday 29 Jan. This is for washing out silt, picking up litter and essential maintenance. We will be using a high pressure hose on Monday 16th so other people should keep clear, but from Tuesday onwards all help with litter picking from the bed of the lake will be welcome. Come dressed for mud. 

MARLENS Seafront Heritage Trail   Click to see Trail (P1 here) (P2 here)

We are delighted to announce the publication of the Clevedon Seafront Heritage Trail – capturing the unique delights of our historic seafront town into one easy to follow discovery trail which is suitable for all members of the family. The trail has been developed by the Marine Lake Enthusiasts (MARLENS), as part of the community wide initiatives which complement the 2015 restoration of the Clevedon Marine Lake.


 Queens Award for Voluntary Service

The Marlens organisation is proud and delighted to have been awarded this honour, the equivalent of the MBE.


The Lake is closed for public access 16-29 January. Check out our water sports page for more information.

Lake Water Quality:

Current Water Quality is Excellent. 

Since August 2016 the Environment Agency have been taking water samples from the lake on our behalf. In each sample they test for bacteria that indicate whether there is faecal matter in the water. The bacteria tested for are:          

Escherichia coli or E.Coli (EC)

Intestinal enterococci (IE)

We determine and publish our own water quality classification based on the results the EA provide and the classification they use for designated water bathing sites. Further information on the classifications and what they mean can be found here.