Marlens Lottery


Marlens (Marine Lake Enthusiasts) has launched a lottery, to provide a steady income throughout the year, to help run Marine Lake following its renovation.

 For a modest investment, Marlens Lottery boasts better odds of winning than the National Lottery! The subscription to the Lottery for one number is £60 per year, payable in advance, or £5 per month payable by monthly standing order. This will give members one number, which will be placed in 12 draws.

 The regular monthly prize fund will be up to 50% of the monthly income. For example, with 100 members, there would be four prizes -

1st prize = £100, 2nd prize = £75, 3rd prize = £50, 4th prize = £25.

 The more members, the bigger the prize, so if you fancy a punt on Marine Lake, download the form below.

The winnings may not be millions but it offers the community a chance to support this much-loved attraction in addition to the possibility of a great return on investment.

Recent Prizewinners:

July 17:  £75 Mrs RJ Tripp  £25 Denise Moseley   £10 Linda Knott

Jun 17:   £70 Miichael Batchelor  £25 Judith Rye  £10 Bob Slee

May 17:  £70 Bryn Hatch  £20 Joe Norman  £10.50 Pete Moseley

Apr 17:  £70 K Roberts  £15 Jenny Ellis  £7:50 David Fear

You have to be in it to win it, so sign up today using the form below



Download this file (LOTTERYform v11.pdf)Lottery Entry Form v11[ ]312 kB